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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my student receive their care package?

All on-campus care package orders are bundled and shipped to the school a short time after the event deadline date. Please check the Key Dates menu item link above for your student's Planned Availability Date.

My student said that they did not receive a care package, where can they find it?

Please check the bottom of this page for notification and/or pickup instructions for your student's care package

How can I verify that my order was received?

Whether you place your order by mail, phone, or online,  you will receive an automatically-generated confirmation email for your care package order, (if you supplied an email address).  For mail-in orders,  it can take up to a week before your order reaches us and is processed.  If after a reasonable amount of time you still don't have a confirmation email, check your Spam folder.  

Can I include an encouragement card if I am ordering online?

Yes!  Once you have added your care package to your shopping cart,  you will be given an opportunity to include an encouragement message that will be placed inside your student's care package.  Your message will be printed on an encouragement card with the same inspirational quote as the one you received in the mail.

If the order deadline has passed, is it still possible to order a care package?

The deadline in the letter you received is a mail postmark deadline.  If you place an order in the mail by that date, you're good.  If you missed the postmark deadline, you may still be able to order online.  (Check the Key Dates menu item link above for online deadlines).  If you've missed the online deadline we would be unable to accept your late order as it makes it difficult to get the package to your student on time.

I ordered a year-long plan and my student decided not to return this semester, may I get a refund?

We understand that things change.  Please contact us as soon as you possibly can in this situation.  If your student is transferring to a different school, we can ship the remainder of the plan to their new school.  If they've chosen to take a semester off, we can refund any packages that haven't already shipped so it's important that you let us know right away.  Packages already shipped and delivered to the university will not be refunded.

What school-sponsored programs does my order support?

A portion of the proceeds from this care package fundraiser goes right back to your students through the store-sponsored organization listed below.

How does my student get the package?

Students pick up their packages in Resident Service Office.